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Site News

This is a changelog of work done, features added, and bugs fixed.

  • Per-user language support.
  • Collected info about borrowed, loaned, and pending items onto a single Your Status page.
  • Added a Lost Password utility.
  • Added "advanced" feature allowing users to edit their longitude and latitude, if they know them.
  • Added tools for the website administrator.
  • Added a favicon.
  • Distance information added to many pages.
  • Many miscellaneous fixes and touchups.
  • Added full language templating support.
  • Software is distributed with French and German translations.
  • Added 'Remember Me' login feature.
  • ISBN lookups retrieve editor reviews.
  • Reading Lists now maintain order.
  • Added Reading Lists.
  • Common interests are now displayed in bold.
  • Improved interest searching.
  • Added the Laserdisc media type.
  • Added EAN lookups as well as ISBN lookups.
  • MapQuest changed their page so I couldn't hack longitude/lattitude coordinates out of it, so now I do it through MSN. Anyway, the "Nearby Users" feature should be working again now.
  • Obfuscated user email addresses to prevent spambots from harvesting them.
  • Fixed a bug that had corrupted the item status of everything in the library, and hopefully restored everything to its correct state. Sorry.
  • Added additional profile info like webpage, AIM SN, ICQ #, MSN SN, etc. Update your profiles again...
  • Added 'medium' column to new videos page.
  • Slight DB schema reorg.
  • Added user bios and interest lists. Update your profiles...
  • Recalculate geo-lookups when address is changed.
  • Misc hackery...
  • Fixed geolocate script that was broken due to perl include path ridiculousness.
  • Removed the "user" column from the item tables on the "user info" page.
  • Translate \n to <br> when displaying user reviews.
  • Added "extend loan" feature.
  • Kicked off reminder scripts that notify borrowers when they're overdue.
  • Added explicit support for videos.
  • Fixed bug where ISBN filter strips valid non-numerics.
  • Added "Nearby Users" feature.
  • Added subscription information for mailing lists on contact page.
  • Added ISBN# lookup functionality.
  • Added ISBN DB column.
  • Made error fonts a CSS style.
  • Switched 'Science Fiction' to 'Sci-Fi'
  • Reflect DB limit on usernames/passwords in account creation form.
  • Upgraded to PHP4
  • Fixed broken "approval" link in email.
  • Specify wrap=virtual on all TextAreas for browsers with a different default.
  • Fixed pages without footers that didn't display on Netscape 4.x.
  • Gave up on the "li" without "ul" tag hack and switched to images for non-indented bullets.
  • Properly URL-encode title queries.
  • Added Humor, Business, Sociology, and Mathematics sections.
  • Fixed bug where username was not case-insensitive in all places.
  • Added specific apartment number column in DB.
  • Switched style for search result headers again.

  • Added mouse-over review popups on title links in search results.
  • Added better search functionality: ability to specify author only, title only, and search reviews.
  • Changed background color for search result header.
  • Added "books loaned" link in addition to existing "books borrowed" link.
  • Added this "site news" section.

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